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Critical Control Management with Vattenfall, 7/12, 2022


The last SÄKU webinar of 2022 was held together with Vattenfall's Taylor Lawson and Jakob Nielsen.

Taylor and Jakob talked about Vattenfall’s pilot project regarding implementing and using bow ties and Critical Control Management (CCM) as tools for the daily health and safety work.

Bow ties models in combination with Critical Control Management is one way to implement James Reason's “Swiss cheese” model within an organization’s health & safety work. By thinking, “what controls/barriers do we have to prevent this hazard?”, enables you to visualize what the most important control/barriers are for your organization. You also have the opportunity to analyze the robustness of the controls chosen for preventing your organization’s biggest hazards.

About Taylor and Jakob

Taylor Lawson: As a member of the Health and Safety, Center of Excellence team at Vattenfall, Taylor Lawson’s primary focus is the Critical Control Management Pilot project in Offshore Wind which will wrap up by year-end. This work will direct preparations for the enterprise roll-out in 2023. Leading up to his current position, Taylor played integral parts on global health and safety teams in both the manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Before that, he handled safety and security for a fleet of commercially registered, privately owned yachts as a senior vessel manager and started his career in safety management during his time onboard vessels where he served as captain and engineer.

Jakob Nielsen: Director of Health and Safety for Vattenfall Offshore Wind, Jakob Nielsen is leading and driving everything related to Health and Safety in Vattenfall’s Offshore business. This includes setting the strategic direction and also identifying key improvement projects such as Critical Control Management. Jakob Nielsen has held senior Health and Safety positions in the renewable Industry for more than 10 years and is currently also the Chairperson for G+, the Health and Safety association for the leading Offshore Wind developers Worldwide.



The presentation from the webinar can be downloaded HERE

Bonus material

As mentioned during the webinar, the bow tie model can be used in a lot of different domains (occupational safety, psychological safety, process safety, security, environmental issues etc.) as a method for risk management.

MSB (Myndigheten för samhällskydd och beredskap - The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) has a guideline on how the bow tie model can be used with regards to the handling of flammable and explosive substances. It is in Swedish and can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Contact information

If you want to get in touch with Taylor and Jakob you can email them at:


A recording of the webinar can be seen on SÄKUPlay (Youtube) below.

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