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Experiences from a career in Health and Safety Innovation with Daniel Hummerdal, 23/11, 2022

Updated: Nov 25, 2022


SÄKU was happy to welcome Daniel Hummerdal for an opportunity to tell his inspirational story and lessons learned.

Daniel Hummerdal is a Swedish trained pilot, turned psychologist, turned innovator of health and safety management. Inspired by the principles of Safety II, System’s thinking, Storytelling, and Crowdsourcing, Daniel has translated concepts into practices in a range of safety critical industries in Australia.

He is currently the head of innovation of WorkSafe New Zealand – a national health and safety regulator.

In this webinar, Daniel shared inspiring stories of successes as well as failures, and provided us with insights and advice for anyone interested in trialing new ways of improving health and safety. The webinar also featured an interactive second part where the audience got the chance to ask Daniel questions.

About Daniel Hummerdal

Born in Sweden, then a student of Erik Hollnagel in France, Daniel Hummerdal has since then spent his career in Australia and New Zealand trying to develop new approaches to improving health and safety performance in the work environments of a wide array of industrial sectors.

A couple of years ago he got a chance he couldn't refuse: to create a new office in health and safety innovation at WorkSafe New Zealand, where he is Head of Innovation.



Daniel's presentation from the webinar can be downloaded HERE.

The result from the Menti question that asked “What would you do? Practices to (re-)invent” (Health & Safety innovation in your own organization) can be seen below.

Bonus material

The site/blog that Daniel started (and has since then transformed into something larger) can be found here:


A recording of the webinar can be seen on SÄKUPlay (Youtube) below.

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