New Ideas and Theories of Safety Put into Organizational Practice with Dr David Provan, 12/10, 2022

SÄKU was happy to welcome Dr. David Provan, a globally well known safety researcher, podcast host and practitioner, for a 2-hour webinar! David has made it his trademark to transfer safety research into more practical and easily understood ways and ideas.

In this webinar David shared with us his experiences of helping organizations to both change their views and practices of safety. After his presentation, the participants got the change to discuss with David and ask him their questions.

About Dr. David Provan

Dr. David Provan has a long background in a variety of roles as a senior safety professional. He has a Master of Safety and Risk Management and PhD in Safety Science at Griffith University, under professor Sidney Dekker, and is now the managing director for Forge Works.

In both his work and in the podcast, David’s focus lies on transforming the latest safety science research into effective safety outcomes.

The Safety of Work Podcast

David and Dr. Drew Rae host one of the biggest health & safety podcasts in the world – The Safety of Work.

In the podcast David and Drew break down the latest safety research. This to make it easy for you as a HSE professional to take away the goodies and put it to use in your everyday practical work.

The podcast is free and available on most platforms and streaming services.

You can also find the podcast at



David's presentation from the webinar can be downloaded HERE.

Bonus material

David also provided us with some bonus material for extra reading. David makes reference to these two documents in the webinar.

The article "Safety II professionals: How resilience engineering can transform safety

practice", the article that David co-wrote together with David Woods, Sidney Dekker and Andrew Raea, can be found HERE.

David's guide and inspiration for improving safety, that tells the background to the surveys that David showed in the webinar, can found HERE.


A recording of the webinar can be seen on SÄKUPlay (Youtube) below.