Post Normal Accidents with Jean-Christophe Le Coze, 3/5, 2022

IPS (Swedish Process Safety Association) and SÄKU (The Swedish Safety Culture Network) were happy to welcome back the well-renowned French safety researcher Jean-Christophe Le Coze to another exclusive webinar!

During this 2-hour session, Jean-Christophe made a presentation in two parts based around his book “Post Normal Accident. Revisiting Perrow’s classic” (2020). In these two parts he dissected the last three decades of safety research made on high-risk systems/organisations and also look at where we are now. The presentation had a certain emphasis on Charles Perrow's safety classic "Normal Accidents" (1984).

The webinar consisted of the following two parts:

Part 1

  • Historicising safety

  • - Safety as a product of epochs

  • - Safety and our contemporary world

  • Thinking safety with the help of sociology

  • - Turner, Perrow, Vaughan, Hopkins

  • Why does Perrow still matter, 40 years after Normal Accidents, published in 1984?

  • - Two theses in one book

  • - An influential sociological analysis

  • - A complementary author: Hopkins

Part 2

  • Post Normal Accidents in a nutshell: a new mindset for a new world

  • - Why "Post" in Post NA?

  • - Key categories of Post NA…with and beyond Perrow & Hopkins

  • Thinking “safety as strategy”

  • - Errors from the top

  • - Case studies: from BP to Boeing...

  • Safety-critical systems and globalisation

  • - Global Value Chains: Network failure accidents

  • - Case studies (continued): from BP to Boeing…

  • Global risks and safety

  • - Systemic & existential risks

  • - Case study: From Fukushima Daïchi to Covid-19…

About Jean-Christophe Le Coze

Jean-Christophe Le Coze is a well-renowned safety researcher (PhD, Mines ParisTech) at INERIS, the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks. His activities combine ethnographic studies and action research in various safety-critical systems with empirical, conceptual, practical, historical, visual and epistemological perspectives. He is the editor of the book “Safety Science Research. Evolution, Challenges and New Directions” (2019) and author of “Post Normal Accident. Revisiting Perrow’s classic” (2020)


Jean-Christophes book “Post Normal Accident. Revisiting Perrow’s classic” (2020) can be bought directly from the publishing house’s webpage by clicking HERE. The book is also available from other suppliers.


The slides from the webinar can be downloaded HERE.


A recording of the webinar can be seen on SÄKUPlay (Youtube) below.