The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership with Rosa Carrillo, 29/3, 2022

Updated: Mar 30

In her book “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership - Achieving Success through Employee Engagement”, Rosa Carrillo puts our relationships with each other as central in understanding psychological safety and how we can be successful of handling safety related issues. The book has been acclaimed by such global safety gurus as Edgar H. Schein, Sidney Dekker, Todd Conklin and Carsten Busch, to name but a few.

SÄKU was happy to welcome Rosa Carrillo, who joined us all the way from southern California. She inspired and let us know more about her eight beliefs about how safety leadership and safety management can be more successful. These eight believes also rest on evident based research and over 25 years of Rosa’s global change management experience. Rosa also gave us her thoughts on the aspects of inclusion and belonging from a global organizational perspective. One concept that really resonated throughout the webinar was psychological safety.

During the second hour of the webinar, the participants were invited to ask, reflect and discuss with Rosa.

The webinar was firstmost aimed at formal or informal safety leaders interested in how to enhance their safety leadership and how transformational change better can be made.

About Rosa Carrillo

Rosa Carrillo is an American author and safety leadership and culture specialist. She is also president of Carrillo and Associates, a safety leadership consulting agency.

Rosa is internationally acclaimed in creating transformational change with a focus on the safety, environment and health function. Since 1995 she has authored ground-breaking articles in the safety field and consulted in many countries across multiple industries on the topic of safety leadership.

More about “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership” can be found at the publishing house’s webpage by clicking HERE.

The book can be ordered directly from the publishing house, or for instance from Amazon and the Swedish book sites Bokus or Adlibris (and a number of other international book sites).



The presentation from the webinar can be found HERE.

In the presentation the lowest part of the Safety Systems Iceberg is covered. Below is the complete picture.

Contact information

If you want to get in touch with Rosa, her email address is: . You will also find her on LinkedIn.

Her company's homepage is:

Result from the Mentimeter polls

The participants were invited to answer a number of polling questions circling around psychological safety.

The questions were:

  1. What is psychological safety?

  2. What do you feel makes you most valuable to your company or client?

  3. What is psychosocial risk?

  4. What psychosocial risk most lowers wellbeing in the global workplace? Pick one

  5. What are the Management/Safety Professional Behaviors that Contribute to Breakdown of Trust? Select top one from employees’ perspective

  6. What was the most outstanding characteristic of a boss you trusted?

The results can be downloaded HERE as a pdf.


A recording of the webinar can be seen on SÄKUPlay (Youtube) below.