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About SÄKU
(The Swedish Safety Culture Network)

Who are we?

The Swedish Safety Culture Network (SÄKU) is since 2014 a non-profit association with the aim of being an industry-wide network that offers competence development and experience exchange opportunities for people working within the areas of risk, occupational safety and health.

Vision and goal

Our vision is to be the leading industry-wide network in Sweden concerning Occupational Safety & Health Culture. Our goal is to be an organization where learning is the central core and where we provide our members with a platform that contributes to the competence development by research, training and practical applications in the areas of safety culture, risk, human factors, occupational safety and health.  

Why safety culture & human factors? 

We believe that to systematically and continuously work with the perspectives of safety culture and human factors within an organization are two basic steps to minimize accidents and problems related to occupational health and safety while at the same time developing a resilient operation. Accidents, sick leave and problems with occupational health and safety cause human suffering, but they are also very costly and can affect the reputation of an organization in the eyes of both customers, investors and the general public. Successful businesses invest in safety culture and human factors because they see a direct link between safety culture, human factors and a profitable sustainability both in terms of efficiency, quality and the well-being of its employees.

GDPR - Policy

Our GDPR Policy

Since we are a non-profit organization that arranges meetings with people and manages memberships, we must handle personal data in order to be able to conduct our business. The information is only used by the association within the framework of our business. At the Swedish Safety Culture Network it is the representative of the secretariat who controls all personal data.


When someone subscribes to the mailing list to get information about the association's events or registers as a new user, the person’s name, organization and email address are stored in a register. At the same time, the person is registered with their name, organization and email address in another register to compile the number of users registered and possible allergies. This information is saved for a maximum of two years and will then be anonymized with the aim of creating statistical data for the number of visitors per event. If a person who registers for an event is not on our mailing list, this person will be added to the mailing list. If a non-member registers for an event, the information related to invoicing is saved for a maximum of two months after the invoice has been sent out. The contact person for each organisation’s membership is responsible for communicating important information to all of its members to facilitate and create networking.

When a person registers to one of our events, that person also accepts that video, picture and sound recordings might take place during that event.

The recordings are made based on a learning perspective to give members the opportunity to view the recording of an event. The access to the recording is a member benefit and not open to the public. Video, pictures and sounds from our events might also be used in marketing material for our association. 

Membership billing information is saved until the next year's membership renewal time. This information is then re-saved for the coming year if it is still valid for the member. The Accounting Act may affect the stated periods to be longer if necessary.


All personal information, for example from registration or the mailing list, can be deleted, adjusted or requested for viewing upon request by contacting the person responsible for personal data (the secretariat). The personal information is routinely deleted if the e-mail address no longer exists or when the concerned person wishes to leave the association, the mailing list or have their user account deleted.

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